NetMath™ Proctoring

Proctor Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow "remote proctoring" services like ProctorU. You must have an in-person proctor who can receive and administer paper exams.

NetMath™ courses require a proctor to supervise exams. A proctor must meet one of the following criteria and cannot be a relative of the student:

  • Principal or Superintendent of Educational Service Region, School, or District
  • Dean, Academic Department Head, Extension or Correspondence Administrator, Registrar, or Official Testing Service of an Accredited University or College
  • Education Officer (Armed Services Personnel Only)
  • Full-Time High School or College Instructor
  • Librarian at your local community library

Proctors are approved by NetMath™ to ensure they meet our testing standards.

Your proctor must be approved by the second week of your course.

For faster exam grading turnaround, proctors are encouraged to scan and email completed exams to NetMath™ in addition to mailing the paper exam back. If you are on an expedited timeline to complete your course, please make sure your proctor has the facilities to scan and email your completed exams to us.

Be sure to ask your proctor if compensation is required for test proctoring. Any compensation to the proctor is strictly between the student and the proctor.

Students should also verify that their proctor will be able to receive mail at the institutional address. Exam packets cannot be mailed to home addresses.

Fees for proctoring services are between the student and their proctor(s). NetMath™ is not responsible for payment of proctor services. Students should discuss this with their proctor(s) before using their services.

Proctor Approval

Students must submit the NetMath™ Proctorship Form to have their proctor approved. In order for the form to be submitted properly, students need to have activated their address. Make sure to contact your intended proctor directly BEFORE submitting the proctorship form. Proctor approval is contingent upon the information provided in the form.

Your NetID is required to access the proctorship form. First-time Students: select the Urbana-Champaign campus in order for your proctorship form to be properly submitted.

It may take up to two weeks for your proctor to receive exams after the form is submitted. Exams are sent via USPS or UPS. Do not schedule any exams until you confirm that your proctor has received the exams.

Multiple Proctors

Students who require multiple proctors for their exams will need to fill out a NetMath™ Proctorship Form for each proctor they require. Students may indicate on the form which exam(s) should be sent to each proctor.

Proctor Guidelines

The Proctor Guidelines detail the procedures a proctor must follow when administering NetMath™ tests.

Proctoring Locations

Some proctoring locations can be found at National College Testing Association. The NCTA search is a resource and not a requirement. You will need to verify that the testing location is able to proctor exams.

For proctor related inquires, please send an email to

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