Our Math 112, Math 114 and Math 115 courses use the ALEKS assessment and learning system. Students are required to purchase an ALEKS code to access the course online. The code is non-refundable and costs $75.00 (AY term, 18-week access) or $75.07 (summer semester, 11-week access).

Students enrolling in ALEKS based courses will be given an initial assessment. The ALEKS system is fully automated and the ALEKS assessment is adaptive.

The first questions on the initial assessment will be drawn from across the curriculum, and may be too easy or too hard. As the assessment proceeds, your answers will be used to give the system an idea of your knowledge, and it will gradually focus the questioning in an individually appropriate way. By the end of the assessment you should find the questions generally challenging but reasonable for your individual level of knowledge. The length of the initial assessment runs from 20-35 questions. The exact number of questions will vary due to the adaptive mechanism just described. ALEKS then develops an individualized learning module for each student to master the course material. As students progress through their customized individual learning plan, the adaptive mechanism continues to reassess their knowledge of the course content.

ALEKS students will be using Respondus online proctoring for quizzes and final exams. There is a $10 fee for Respondus. Please see our Exam Proctoring page

For more information about the ALEKS assessment system, please visit