NetMath tuition rates are determined by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. Tuition amount for each course is available on each specific course page. Depending on your status, please refer to our course pages for College Students or High School Students.

NetMath® tuition for University of Illinois matriculating students:

Matriculating UIUC students have to pay the same tuition as non-UIUC students for the 16 week Academic Year (AY) term NetMath courses. These courses are offered for open enrollment as self-paced options and will be billed separately from your UIUC undergraduate or graduate tuition charges. Most types of financial aid do not apply to these sections, since they are not semester based.

Summer semester courses offered through NetMath will qualify for financial aid and are covered in your UIUC summer semester tuition. All NetMath courses are typically offered as 8-week options during Summer Session II.