ProctorU exams for UIUC courses will require use of the Guardian Secure Browser. Updated information for Record+ test takers, information for Review+ test takers, information for Live+ test takers

Step 1: Create Your ProctorU User Account

  1. If this is your first time scheduling an exam with ProctorU, click the Sign Up link on the University of Illinois ProctorU portal page to create a new user account and ProctorU log-in/password.
  2. Fill out all the other fields on the account creation page. Your Username can be any name you choose. Choose a name you will easily remember (perhaps the first part of your email address before the @ symbol).
  3. Accept the Terms of Service.
  4. Click the Create Account button to create your account.
  5. After your account is created you will be sent a confirmation email. Confirm your account by following the link in the email.
  6. Download the Guardian Browser for taking your exams.
  7. Test your equipment before your exam day to make sure your equipment is compatible with the ProctorU system.

Step 2: Test your equipment

  1. Download the Guardian Browser for taking your exams. If you haven't already.
  2. Check the Technical Requirements for Online Proctored Exam to make sure you have the right computer equipment.
  3. Test your system’s equipment using the ProctorU System Test before your exam date.
  4. Be sure that you have created and accessed your University of Illinois Box account. Instructions can be found at: Instructions for Using Box. 
  5. Verify your Box account (if displayed) on your student dashboard at: 

Step 3: Schedule Your Exam (Academic Year Students)

NOTE: This process is only for courses that use ProctorU's Live+ or Review+ service lines for Academic Year courses.
  1. If you are scheduling an Academic Year student exam go to your Nexus dashboard at to schedule your exam (Do not use the 'Schedule New Session' button on your ProctorU account page). Use the exam links located on the lower portion of your Nexus dashboard page. You will directed to an Exam Invitation to your specific exam.
    1. Watch this video if you are using an Exam Invitation for scheduling.
    2. Select “Sign in and Accept with Existing User Account,” and sign in to your ProctorU account. Note: refer to Step 1 above If you do not have an existing ProctorU account.
    3. Once you have signed in, select “Accept Invitation and schedule exam now.”
    4. On the scheduling page, customize the date and time you want to take your exam.
    5. When the date and time populate, press the “Schedule” button.
    6. Exams fees proctored through ProctorU will be covered by NetMath.
    7. Your exam is scheduled when your cart says, “Your Order Was Successful!”

Step 3: Schedule Your Exam (Summer Session 2 Students)

NOTE: This process is for programs using our Live+ and Record+ service lines for Summer Semester 2 courses.
  1. If you are a Summer Session 2 student you do not need a scheduled appointment and will not use the 'Schedule New Session' button on your ProctorU account page. Sign into Moodle (, Canvas ( or the appropriate learning management system and follow the directions provided by your course instructor.
  2. Follow the process through either your Nexus dashboard, Moodle, or Canvas system.
  3. Exams fees proctored through ProctorU will be covered by NetMath.
  4. You will see an exam confirmation page and will receive an email message with your scheduled exam information.

Step 4: Take Your Exam

  1. At the date and time of your appointment, login to the University of Illinois ProctorU portal page
  2. After logging in, you will see a countdown to your exam time at the top of the page. Prior to your exam appointment, you may reschedule using the Reschedule button.
  3. Have your photo ID ready before connecting to a proctor. ID must be current. Acceptable forms of ID for taking a NetMath exam include your School ID, Driver's License/State ID Card, and Passport. Note military Id's are not accepted.
  4. At the appointment time, a Start button will appear next to the appointment. Click the Start button, and you will be connected to a proctor who will guide you through the rest of your proctored exam process.