Ordering an Official TranscriptCollege_And_Beyond

Upon completion of a NetMath course, students will receive information on obtaining an official transcript. Transcripts may be ordered through the Office of the Registrar.

The Final Grade on the Transcript
Once a student’s final exam has been scored, the student receives a final report and the grade is submitted to the Office of the Registrar. The final course grade is typically posted on a student's University of Illinois transcript within two business days of determining the final course grade. If there is a problem, please email netmath@illinois.edu.
Is there indication of Online Course on Transcript?
No, NetMath courses appear with the course name and grade similar to a course you would take on campus at the University of Illinois.
On the transcript, does it indicate during which academic term this course was taken?
Academic Year term NetMath courses are self-paced and offered for open enrollment, so they will not show up under a specific semester. They will appear under the term Academic Year.

UIUC Students

GPA and Transcript
NetMath courses are for credit and count toward your University of Illinois GPA. The course will appear on your transcript with the same name as a mathematics course you would take on campus. Academic Year term NetMath courses (self-paced, 16-week sections) will be listed under “Academic Year” courses and Summer Semester courses (8-week sections taken through LAS Online) will be listed under the appropriate semester.
Grade Replacement
A NetMath course can be used for grade replacement. However, it is your responsibility to sign up for grade replacement soon after registering for the NetMath course. Please consult the undergraduate office of your college for more information. Note that a grade replacement request can be rejected, and your college office will have information about such exceptions.