Taking Exams For NetMath Courses

This information applies to students taking Academic Year (16-week & 9-month, self-paced) NetMath courses.

Students registered in Math 416, 417, 423, 441, 442, 444, 446, 447, 448, 453, 481, 490 with a course start date of January 1st, 2023 and beyond have different proctoring requirements. Please refer to our new exam information page for your proctoring options. Note that applicable exam taking information and other course requirements are available within your course Learning Management System (LMS) and Nexus student dashboard.

Students may take online exams in all Academic Year term NetMath courses.

All NetMath courses require proctored exams. At this time we are offering online proctoring options for exams that were previously solely paper based and required in-person proctoring supervision. Different courses have different numbers of exams: all courses have a final exam, some courses have two or more midterm exams. Please refer to the course page for the number and duration of exams. 

Students in 16-week & 9-month self-paced NetMath courses may take their exams online in one of the following formats:

For proctor related inquiries, please email proctor@netmath.illinois.edu

For technical support related inquiries, please first see NetMath IT -FAQ's or email tech-staff@netmath.illinois.edu