Taking Exams For NetMath Courses

This information applies to students taking Academic Year (16-week & 9-month, self-paced) NetMath courses.

NetMath courses will be offering online exam options during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All NetMath courses require proctored exams. In compliance with social distancing efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering online proctoring options for exams that were previously paper based and required in-person proctoring supervision. Different courses have different numbers of exams: all courses have a final exam, some courses have two or more midterm exams. Please refer to the course page for the number and duration of exams. 

Students in 16-week & 9-month self-paced NetMath courses may take their exams online in one of the following formats:

For proctor related inquiries, please email proctor@netmath.illinois.edu

For technical support related inquiries, please first see NetMath IT -FAQ's or email tech-staff@netmath.illinois.edu