Taking Exams For NetMath Courses

This information applies to students taking Academic Year (16-week & 9-month, self-paced) NetMath courses.

Students registered in Math 416, 417, 423, 441, 442, 444, 446, 447, 448, 453, 481, 490 can refer to our new exam information page for your proctoring options. Note that applicable exam taking information and other course requirements are available within your course Learning Management System (LMS) and Nexus student dashboard.

Students may take online exams in all Academic Year term NetMath courses.

All NetMath courses require proctored exams. At this time we are offering online proctoring options for exams that were previously solely paper based and required in-person proctoring supervision. Different courses have different numbers of exams: all courses have a final exam, some courses have two or more midterm exams. Please refer to the course page for the number and duration of exams. 

Students in 16-week & 9-month self-paced NetMath courses may take their exams online in one of the following formats:

NetMath Online Exam System, NOES (free)

This system is operated by NetMath and is available to students free of cost.

Students in Moodle-based Academic Year-term (self-paced) courses may take exams in this system.

Exams may be scheduled Mon-Thu, except when the NetMath Office is closed due to observed holidays. 

Exams must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance of the desired test-taking time. Same day exam scheduling is not available at this time.

Video instructions on how to take exams in this system may be viewed here.

ProctorU (student pay model)

ProctorU is a professional online exam administration and proctoring system. 


Students may choose to take exams in person with an approved proctor.

Any in-person proctoring arrangements must be approved by NetMath within two weeks of the course start date.

To submit your in-person proctoring arrangement for approval, follow the instructions within your Nexus dashboard.

Students may select from the following options for taking in-person proctored exams:

· University or Community College Testing Center

· Learning Centers, such as Sylvan, Pearson, etc.

· Superior officer or education officer (Armed Services personnel only)

· NCTA Proctoring Network

· Education USA Advising Center


There may be a cost to students associated with taking NetMath exams with an in-person through ProctorU; the cost depends on the length of the exam. 60-minute exams cost $16.00, 90-minute exams cost $22.00, and 3-hour exams cost $30.00. No additional fees are charged for extended testing time offered due to academic accommodations. Extended testing time must be authorized by NetMath prior to scheduling exams with ProctorU.

For instructions, see Taking a NetMath Exam Using ProctorU.

Please Note:

  • In addition to offering online exams free of charge in our homegrown system (NOES), NetMath has arranged exam administration through ProctorU to allow students greater flexibility. ProctorU serves as an option for students in specific NetMath courses, and for those whose home institutions require a live proctor in order to transfer NetMath course credit. 
  • Final exams in most 8-week 2023 Summer Session NetMath courses will be administered using ProctorU. These exams will be given to students free of charge.

In-Person Proctoring (limited)

In-person proctoring is available as an option for all NetMath courses except ALEKS-based offerings (Math 112, 114, 115). Students may use either live proctoring via ProctorU or choose a proctor using the list below. Proctors must meet at least one of these criteria and will require verification and approval from NetMath prior to the scheduling of any exams. The online Proctorship Form will be accessible after course registration is complete. 

Proctor Criteria:

  • Official Testing Service of an Accredited University or College
  • Proctor, Education Director, or Tutor of an Established Learning or Academic Testing Center (e.g., Sylvan Learning Center)
  • Superior Officer or Educational Officer (Armed Services Personnel Only)
  • Principal or Superintendent of Educational Service Region, School, or District, either Public or Parochial
  • Dean, Academic Department Head, Extension or Correspondence Administrator, Registrar

If you have questions regarding proctor eligibility, email 

Respondus (ALEKS-based courses only)

Taking Exams for ALEKS based NetMath courses: Math 112, 114, & 115

Students in ALEKS­‐based NetMath courses will have online assessments. ALEKS students will be using Respondus online proctoring for quizzes and final exams. There is a $10 fee for Respondus. Please see our Exam Proctoring page for further instructions.

Taking Exams Online

Students in Moodle-based courses can sign up to take their exams online with NetMath or with ProctorU. Students in ALEKS courses (Math 112, 114 or 115) may use Respondus for online proctoring. 

Note: These instructions are not relevant to Partner High School students--please disregard them.

Be sure that you have created and accessed your University of Illinois Box account.

To set up your Box account:

1. Go to:
2. click "U of I Box Sign up page" under "New User".
3. You may be redirected to a login screen. Select University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and then use your NetID and AD password to log in.
4. Once you log in you can enable your Box account for the cloud application by simply pressing the "On" button.

How to Sign up for an Online Exam

Schedule your online exams:

To take an exam with ProctorU, see: Taking a NetMath Exam Using ProctorU.
To take an exam in the free NetMath online exam taking system:
  • Exams may be scheduled Monday-Thursday each week except on Campus Holidays.
  • Exams must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Same day exam scheduling is not available at this time.
  • When you schedule your exam you will have a 24 hour window to start the exam. 
  • The window begins at 10 AM CST the day you schedule your exam and ends the next day at 10 AM CST.

In either system, only one exam may be scheduled during a single exam window. 

Be sure that you have created and accessed your University of Illinois Box account.

Setting Up Your Exam:

You will need to access NetMath Nexus using your NetID and password. Go to:

Choose which exam you wish to schedule, select your desired date, and click "Create". That will set up your exam and a confirmation will be sent to you.

When your exam date comes up, login into Nexus and go to your Dashboard. Follow the instructions to take and submit your information and answers.

Please Note: Be sure about your exam date! If you must reschedule, you will need to contact

How many exams can I take in a day?

Students may schedule only one exam during a 24-hour exam window. 

Taking Your Exam

On the day of your exam:

To take an exam in the NetMath system, login into your Nexus Dashboard at Please follow the instructions to submit your pre-check and begin your exam.

To take an exam with ProctorU, login to to connect with your proctor. Your proctor will then direct you to the Nexus Dashboard where you can begin your exam. Remember to have your photo ID ready before connecting with a proctor. Acceptable forms of identification include School ID, Driver's License/State ID Card, and Passport.

Cancelling - Rescheduling - Missed Exams

  • Students taking an exam with ProctorU must abide by ProctorU's cancellation/rescheduling policies. Exams canceled 48 hours or more in advance of the scheduled exam start time receive a full refund. 
  • In the NetMath online exam system, students may cancel an exam session at any time leading up to and during the session window as long as the exam has not been accessed. No rescheduling is permitted after the 24-hour exam access window has ended. If a student does not reschedule or cancel before the close of the exam window, a grade of zero (0) may be recorded for the exam grade.
  • Once a student clicks on the link to begin the exam, answers must be submitted within the allotted time or a zero (0) may be recorded for the exam.

A missed exam counts as sitting for an exam. 

Midterm Exams: if a student receives a zero (0), we recommend the student to withdraw from the course.

Final Exam: Once a student sits for a final exam, a grade for the course will be determined and no further coursework will be accepted for grading. Students may not drop a course after sitting for a final exam.

If there are extenuating circumstances (illness, injury, etc.), please contact the NetMath office as soon as possible. Documentation may be required.

Requirements for your Exam

You will need the following for your exam:

  • Computer with internet connection.
  • Blank sheets of paper (approximately 15 sheets) with your name, course number, and page number printed across the top.
  • Writing Utensils (preferably black or blue pen, but dark pencils are also acceptable).
  • Phone/Mobile Device capable of capturing images/scanning documents; or a scanner with email capabilities.
  • Photo Identification Card (must be valid and current; acceptable IDs include driver’s license, school ID, state ID card, passport, etc.; no U.S. Military ID cards can be used due to photocopy restrictions).
  • Please note: You will not need a calculator. The use of calculators is not permitted while taking NetMath exams.

Taking Your Exam:

On the day of your exam, you will need to complete a pre-check process. Please follow the instructions for the pre-check. This will walk you through how to submit your exam answers and for presenting your photo ID. The pre-check must be successfully completed for each online exam. If a pre-check is not completed, your exam will not be graded.

You will be able to access the exam after completing the pre-check. You may begin writing down solutions to the exam questions once the exam is accessible. No printer is needed for taking exams in this format, since the exam will not be printable.

If you are taking your exam in the free NetMath online exam system, you will have 24 hours from your scheduled time to access the exam and upload exam solutions. Exams arranged through ProctorU will start at the scheduled time that is indicated on your ProctorU ticket. For either system, the following time limits are allotted for taking each exam:

  • Mid-term exam – 1.5 hours (90 minutes)
  • Mastery exam – 1 hour (60 minutes)
  • Final Exam – 3 hours (180 minutes)

At the end of the allowed exam time, students have 30 minutes to scan and upload exam solutions. This time limit applies to both ProctorU and the NetMath free online exam taking system.

If you do not submit your exam within the allowed timeline from the time you first access the exam, you may receive a zero (0) as a grade.

You will be submitting your written answers on the blank sheets of paper. Be sure to check out our tips for getting the best pics of your exam!

Adobe Scan can be used for scanning your submissions. A short video explaining how to use Adobe Scan can be found here. You can find Adobe Scan here. Adobe Acrobat can also be used for scanning documents to pdf format, tips for doing so can be found here. Adobe products are available for student use here.

If you run into technical problems with uploading your answers, contact us at as soon as you discover the problem, during the 30 minute time allotted for scanning and uploading the exam. 


Academic Integrity:

We expect all students to maintain academic integrity and exam confidentiality throughout their NetMath course, including while taking online exams. Students are bound by the University of Illinois Student Code of Conduct at Academic infractions can result in a zero (0) on the exam with no retake. Further sanctions may be imposed, depending on the severity of the infraction(s).


For proctor related inquiries, please email

For technical support related inquiries, please first see NetMath IT -FAQ's or email