NetMath Partner High School Program

The NetMath program offers online math courses for credit from the University of Illinois, a top-ranked Big Ten accredited university. The program is a branch of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. NetMath offers a variety of courses to advanced high school students, including:

  • Calculus I (Math 220)
  • Calculus II (Math 231)
  • Calculus III (Math 241)
  • Differential Equations (Math 285)

A full list of our high school course offerings is available here.

Through the NetMath Partner High School (PHS) Program, high schools may offer University of Illinois mathematics courses to a class of their students. As partners with NetMath, high school teachers work with our program to handle some of the instructional duties of the course for a group of students. These duties include grading assignments, holding class discussions, monitoring student progress, and proctoring exams. High school students who are part of this program qualify for reduced tuition rates and are able to work through the course with their peers. These courses are offered for transcript credit at the University of Illinois, which transfers to many other peer institutions.

To participate in this program, high schools must have a computer lab with internet connectivity and a math teacher who will assume mentoring duties for a class of students for the duration of the NetMath course. Qualified teachers will be trained by NetMath instructors on the courseware and its applications to their classroom.

If you are interested in joining the NetMath PHS Program, fill out our Partner Teacher Information Form.

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