Classes for districts or schools currently contracted within the NetMath Partner High School program will remain for the upcoming school year.

NetMath offers college-level math courses for University of Illinois transcript credit to high school students. Eligible high school students may take the following courses with our program:

  • Calculus III (Math 241)
  • Linear Algebra with Comp Applications (Math 257)

For students who are in high school, but are wanting to register for a course that does not have a high-school version. Please fill out the form at: NetMath application for high-school students to take advanced courses.

High school students get a maximum of 9 months from the date of registration to complete their NetMath course. Students who wish to work at a faster pace may finish a course in less time, if desired.

To enroll in a NetMath course, high school students are required to assign a High School Coordinator. This is typically a teacher at the student's school (often a guidance counselor) who will act as an alternate point of contact if the NetMath office is unable to reach the student to convey course-related information. The HS Coordinator is usually responsible for proctoring NetMath exams for the student. For more information, see our High School Registration page.

High schools may offer University of Illinois courses to their students in a partnership with NetMath. Please visit the NetMath Partner High School Program page for more information.