Once your NetMath course enrollment is processed, you will need to activate your NetID.

The NetID will act as your username for accessing various University resources, including your Illinois email (example: NetID@illinois.edu). Shortly after confirming your intent to enroll in a NetMath course you will receive an email with your Activation Code and University Identification Number (UIN).

To claim your NetID, visit https://netidclaim.illinois.edu/ and enter your UIN and Activation Code. Follow the remaining instructions on the page. During this process, you will set up your University (@illinois.edu) email address.

The process to access your email will depend on whether you are enrolled as a Graduate or Undergraduate student. Please follow these steps to set up your campus email.

Note: After activating your netID there is a period of time before your email account is setup by Tech Services. This time period can range from 4 - 24 hours. If you still have trouble activating your email account after this time period please contact us at: tech-staff@netmath.illinois.edu