Withdrawals & Refunds

For students in our self-paced course sections:

To withdraw from a NetMath course, students must submit a completed Change of Status Form, select "Drop Course" and fill in relevant information. Withdrawals and refunds are processed by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL). Below is a summary of the withdrawals and refunds policy.

Students in self-paced, 16-week sections or 9-month high school sections who wish to withdraw from a course may do so at any time during their course time frame, as long as they have not taken the final exam. Once the final exam is taken it is no longer possible to drop the course. Tuition refunds or credits are processed according to the following:

For high school students enrolled in a nine-month term, the refund period is based on the student's course enrollment date; the percentage of tuition refunded decreases on a monthly basis.

For adult students enrolled in a 16-week term, the pro-rata tuition refund timeframe is calculated as follows: A student's start date is set as two weeks after CITL officially registers a student in a course (to allow time to access the courseware and resolve tech issues).

* Adult students have 10 weeks from their enrollment date in which to withdraw from a course and still receive a partial tuition refund.

The effective drop date is the date the Change of Status form is received in our office. Any refund calculations will be processed based on this date.

The pro-rata refund policy is always effective regardless of whether a student did or did not begin a course. Administrative course fees are non-refundable. For questions about withdrawing from NetMath courses, contact us at netmath@illinois.edu

For UIUC Students in Summer Semester II NetMath Courses:

To withdraw from a Summer Semester II course, students have to consult their University of Illinois College Advisor: see https://netmath.illinois.edu/admissions/contact-advisor.

The Summer 2018 refund schedule is posted at http://www.registrar.illinois.edu/summer-refund-schedule-18