The University of Illinois Department of Mathematics has long been a national leader in distance education through its NetMath program. Following the retirement of its founding director Debra Woods in 2012, NetMath continued to grow under the leadership of Faculty Director Professor Randy McCarthy, Associate Directors Anu Murphy, and Bruce Carpenter. Since August of 2023, NetMath leadership has been tasked to Lee DeVille Director of NetMath and Math Professor, who will continue in our growth in providing online math courses.

Professional Staff

NetMath's professional staff contributes to the development of its innovative curriculum and includes: Jason Elliot, Qumar Hussain, Stefanie Klajbor-Goderich, Jennifer Lansing, Tayyab Nawaz, Joey Palmer, Hannah Spinoza, Jenny Srikant, and Barry Walker who are Lecturers of Mathematics; Dave Watson, eLearning Information Technology Specialist; Faisal Whelpley, Associate Director of Instructional Technology; Aaron Wittrig, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology; Jennifer Nygard, Academic Media Specialist; and Theresa Tucker, Office Manager.

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Teaching Assistants, Mentors, and Academic Hourlies

Currently NetMath employs several graduate teaching assistants, 15-20 undergraduate mentors, and several Academic Hourlies who work with individual students.

When Debra Woods and Jerry Uhl started NetMath in 1996, it had only a few dozen students. Today, thousands of students around the world are able to take University of Illinois math courses through the NetMath program.