NetMath offers mathematics courses for University of Illinois credit to qualified students. In our self-paced courses, students are in control of their own learning. Our courses are somewhat different from traditional face-to-face classes in terms of presentation, interaction, and overall educational experience. Many NetMath students report that they actually learn more about Mathematics with our courses and find the experience more rewarding than traditional courses.

Despite numerous benefits, online learning is not for everyone. We recommend asking yourself the questions below before enrolling in a NetMath course.

Are NetMath courses a good choice for you?

Before enrolling, please ask yourself the following questions to assess your readiness for this mode of learning:

  • Are you motivated and self-disciplined?
  • Can you commit sufficient time each day to your course, throughout the duration of the course term?
  • Are you comfortable using a computer?
  • Do you read critically and follow instructions?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking questions and discussing problems with a mentor/instructor?
  • Do you have good communication skills and enjoy expressing your ideas through writing?
  • Will you miss the experience of sitting in a classroom?
  • Are you comfortable in active-learning courses with no video lectures? (See individual Course Pages for course platforms and formats.)
  • Are you able to take paper-based exams with an approved proctor? (See our proctor information page.)

For additional information about NetMath courses, we offer the following resources: