Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are support strategies or tools to create better classroom or educational accessibility for students with disabilities. Accommodations ensure students have a more equitable opportunity for academic success during their enrollment.

Students with disabilities, whether short-term or long-term, may require an assessment by an authorized office to review medical information. The NetMath Office cannot assess or make determinations on the specifics of academic accommodations.

Requesting Accommodations

UIUC degree-seeking students who are registered with the campus Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) Office may send their letter of accommodation (LOA) to 

Students enrolled in a degree program at another institution may refer to their home institution’s student services or disability office for accommodations. Current, non-expired documentation from other institutions listing the specifics of an accommodation are acceptable and should be sent to 

Any NetMath student, once registered, may use the resources at the Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) Office if requiring an assessment for accommodations (e.g. review of medical documentation). Upon review of appropriate documentation, DRES can provide a Letter of Accommodation that students can provide to the NetMath office. The letter will list their specific accommodation(s) without disclosing confidential medical information.

Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

Students should contact DRES for assistance with determination of accommodations, letters of accommodations, or other related inquiries.

Contacting Disability Resources and Educational Services

Phone: (217) 333-1970




The NetMath office does its best to meet accommodations for students whenever possible. For questions on how accommodations may be applied within a NetMath course, please contact