Exam Proctoring

Taking Exams For NetMath® Courses

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many local proctoring options are unavailable at this time. If your off-campus proctor is still available and it is safe for you to use their services, feel free to use that option in your area. Otherwise, we encourage students to use the online exam option.

All NetMath courses require proctored exams. In compliance with social distancing efforts during the Covid-19 outbreak, we are offering online proctoring options for exams that were previously paper-based and required in-person proctoring supervision. Different courses have different numbers of exams: all courses have a final exam; some courses have two or more midterm exams. Please refer to the course page for the number and duration of exams. Students may continue to take exams off-campus with an approved proctor, depending on the availability of proctoring facilities.

Taking Exams:

Taking Exams Online

In response to global measures being taken to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, in-person proctoring options have been eliminated for many of our students. NetMath is now offering online exams in our CAS-ILE and Moodle-based courses. Students currently in an ALEKS course (Math 112, 114, or 115) can take their final exam online using Respondus for proctoring.

How to sign up for an online exam

Login to your student dashboard at nexus.netmath.illinois.edu using your NetID and password. On your dashboard, select "Exams" from the top of the page. From there, select which exam you need to schedule, then the date, Monday – Thursday you wish to take your exam, and confirm your request. You will receive a confirmation email once your exam session has been scheduled.


Cancelling/Rescheduling/Missed Exams

Students may cancel an exam session at any time leading up to and during the session window, as long as the exam has not been accessed. No rescheduling is permitted after the 24-hour exam access window has ended. If a student does not reschedule or cancel before the close of the exam window, a grade of zero (0) will be recorded for the exam grade.

A missed exam counts as sitting for an exam. 

Midterm Exams: if a student receives a zero (0), we recommend the student to withdraw from the course.

Final Exam: Once a student sits for a final exam, a grade for the course will be determined and no further coursework will be accepted for grading. Students may not drop a course after sitting for a final exam.

Once a student clicks on the link to begin the exam, answers must be submitted within the allotted time or a zero (0) may be recorded for the exam.

If there are extenuating circumstances (illness, injury, etc.), please contact the NetMath office as soon as possible. Documentation may also be required.


Requirements for your Exam:

You will need the following for your exam:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Blank sheets of paper (approximately 15 sheets) with your name, course number, and page number printed across the top
  • Writing Utensils (preferably black or blue pen, but dark pencils are also acceptable)
  • Phone/Mobile Device capable of capturing images/scanning documents; or a scanner with email capabilities
  • Photo Identification Card (acceptable IDs include driver’s license, school ID, state ID card, passport, etc.; no U.S. Military ID cards can be used due to photocopy restrictions)

Taking Your Exam:

On the day of your exam, you will need to complete a pre-check process. Please follow the instructions for the pre-check. This will walk you through how to submit your exam answers and for presenting your photo ID. The pre-check must be successfully completed for each online exam. If a pre-check is not completed, your exam will not be graded.

You will have 24 hours from your scheduled time to begin your exam. Once you access your exam, you will have to submit your pre-check and exam answers in the following time:

  • Mid-term exam – 2 hours
  • Mastery exam – 90 minutes
  • Final Exam – 3.5 hours

If you do not submit your exam within the allowed timeline from the time you first access the exam, you may receive a zero (0) as a grade.

You will be submitting your written answers on the blank sheets of paper. Be sure to check out our tips for getting the best pics of your exam!

If you run into technical problems with uploading your answers, contact the NetMath office as soon as possible (netmath@illinois.edu).

Academic Integrity:

We expect all students to maintain academic integrity and exam confidentiality throughout their NetMath course, including while taking online exams. Students are bound by the University of Illinois Student Code of Conduct at https://studentcode.illinois.edu/article1/part4/1-401/. Academic infractions can result in a zero (0) on the exam with no retake. Further sanctions may be imposed, depending on the severity of the infraction(s).

Taking Exams Off-Campus

PLEASE NOTE: You must have an in-person proctor who can receive, retain and administer paper exams according to NetMath guidelines.

Proctor Eligibility Requirements

A proctor must meet one of the following criteria and cannot be a relative of the student:

  • Principal or Superintendent of Educational Service Region, School, or District
  • Dean, Academic Department Head, Extension or Correspondence Administrator, Registrar, or Official Testing Service of an Accredited University or College
  • Education Officer (Armed Services Personnel Only)
  • Full-Time High School or College Instructor
  • Librarian at your local community library
  1. Proctors are approved by NetMath to ensure they meet our testing standards. NetMath may withdraw approval at their discretion.
  2. Your proctor must be approved by the second week of your course.
  3. For faster exam grading turnaround, proctors are encouraged to scan and email completed exams to NetMath in addition to mailing the paper exam (hard copy of the completed exam) back.
  4. * If you are taking a summer semester NetMath course, or if you are on an expedited timeline to complete your course, please make sure your proctor has the facilities to scan and email your completed exams to us.

Be sure to ask your proctor if compensation is required for test proctoring. Any compensation to the proctor is strictly between the student and the proctor. Students should discuss this with their proctor(s) before using their services.

Students should also verify that their proctor will be able to receive mail at the proctor’s institutional address. Exam packets will not be mailed to residential addresses.

Proctor Approval

Students must submit the NetMath Proctorship Form to have their proctor approved. For the form to be submitted properly, students need to activate their @illinois.edu email address. Be sure to contact your intended proctor directly before submitting the proctorship form. Proctor approval is contingent upon verification of the information provided in the form.

  • A Student NetID is required to access the proctorship form.
  • First-time Students: select the Urbana-Champaign campus in order for your proctorship form to be properly submitted.
  • Be sure to contact your intended proctor directly before submitting the proctorship form.
  • A Proctor email address is required on the NetMath Proctorship Form. Student should ensure that this is a verifiable institutional email address that is current and checked by the proctor regularly.

Note: Exams will be sent to your proctor from the NetMath office. Do not schedule any exams until you confirm that your proctor has received the exams.

Multiple Proctors

Students who require multiple proctors for their exams should fill out a NetMath Proctorship Form for each proctor they require. Students may indicate on the form which exam(s) should be sent to each proctor. Please check how many exams there are in each class.

Proctor Guidelines

The Proctor Guidelines detail the procedures a proctor must follow when administering NetMath tests.

Proctoring Locations

Some proctoring locations can be found here: National College Testing Association. The NCTA search is a resource and not a requirement. You will need to verify that the testing location is able to proctor exams.

For proctor related inquiries, please email proctor@netmath.illinois.edu