Extension Guidelines for 400-level NetMath Courses

Extension information on this page applies only to students registered in the following NetMath courses: Math 416, 417, 423, 441, 442, 444, 446, 447, 448, 453481, 490.

For all other courses, see the specific course page for extension guidelines and application information.

The above courses allow up to two 1-month course extensions for eligible students. There is a non-refundable $350 fee for each approved extension.

The following criteria must be satisfied to qualify for an extension:

  • You are applying for extension in a 16-week, self-paced NetMath course listed on this page.
    • 9-month and 8-week term NetMath courses are not eligible for extensions.
  • You are submitting your extension form 2 weeks before your course end date.
    • Extension requests received after a course has expired will not be processed.
  • You do not have a financial hold on your account.
  • Eligibility for Extension 1: Students must take the first Midterm Exam and complete all homework assignments leading up to this exam.
  • Eligibility for Extension 2: Students must complete the second Midterm Exam and complete all homework assignments leading up to this exam.

To apply for an extension, follow the instructions in your Nexus dashboard.

Please Read: After submitting the extension form you may continue to work on your NetMath course. Extension approvals are not immediate; they are issued after a review of the student's course. You will receive an email notification as soon as the extension request has been approved or denied.

Note: Only 16-week self-paced Academic Year (AY) term courses are eligible for extensions. 8-week long Summer Session courses and 9-month high school course sections do not have extensions.