Math 447: Real Variables


Careful development of elementary real analysis for those who intend to take graduate courses in Mathematics. Topics include completeness property of the real number system; basic topological properties of n-dimensional space; convergence of numerical sequences and series of functions; properties of continuous functions; and basic theorems concerning differentiation and Riemann integration. Credit is not given for both MATH 447 and either MATH 424 or MATH 444.


Math 447 Syllabus.pdf


Prerequisite: MATH 241 or equivalent; MATH 347 or MATH 348

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Students must be able to view assignments online, write out solutions, then scan or take photos of their written work and upload it to Moodle. 

Students with a Bachelor's degree will be assessed graduate level tuition rate for this course. However, one cannot receive graduate level credit for courses numbered below 400 at the University of Illinois.


Exams: This course has three 90-minute midterm tests and a 3-hour final exam.

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