Summer Semester (Illinois Students)

There are two options available for taking a NetMath course during summer 2020:

  1. Academic Year term, self-paced 16-week online NetMath courses
  2. Summer Semester, 8-week and 12-week online NetMath courses

NetMath Summer Session vs Academic Year

To help you understand the differences between these options and decide which may be right for you, use the table below. Note that tuition varies based on your student status and the type of course you take.


NetMath Online Courses


AY Self-paced 2019-20

Summer Semester 2020

Term Length

16 weeks with option of paid extension

8 weeks (12 weeks for Math 220)

Financial Aid

Likely Ineligible


Start/End Dates

Can enroll at any time

6/15/20-8/7/20 (8-week courses)

5/18/20-8/7/20 (Math 220)


$409 per credit hour for undergrads
$482 per credit hour for graduate students

Summer Tuition information

Recommended Student Type

International UIUC students who will be off-campus
ALL non-UIUC students
Students who do not qualify for financial aid

UIUC students qualifying for financial aid

UIUC Status

All students
(UIUC students require approval from college)

UIUC degree-seeking students


Online course with online exams

Online course with online exams


Register via CITL here
(UIUC students require approval from college)

Self-registration via Enterprise

Course Offerings for Summer 2020

The following links to Course Orientation videos are now current for summer 2020.

NetMath Summer Session - ALEKS Orientation (Orientation for courses 112, 114, and 115)

NetMath Summer Session - Moodle Orientation (Orientation for courses 416, 417, 441, 444, and 446)

NetMath Summer Session - CAS-ILE Orientation (Orientation for courses 220, 231, 241, 285, 286, 292, 415, and 461)