Math 446: Applied Complex Variables

This information applies to the 8-week 2022 Summer Semester course.


For students who desire a working knowledge of complex variables; covers the standard topics and gives an introduction to integration by residues, the argument principle, conformal maps, and potential fields. Students desiring a systematic development of the foundations of the subject should take MATH 448.


NetMath 446 Syllabus.pdf


MATH 241


3 undergraduate hours, 3 or 4 graduate hours.

Note: The 4-hour section is restricted to graduate students only. Additional work of substance is required for this section, as assigned by the instructor. To request approval to register, please email NetMath Director with "Summer Math 444 4-hour request" in the subject line, and include name, netid, UIN, and reason for needing to take the class for 4 hours.


Summer Semester courses have fixed tuition rates based on your College, year in school and other factors. Summer tuition rate information

This course uses the Moodle online system. Students must be able to view assignments online, write out solutions, then scan or take a photo of their written work and upload it to Moodle.


Exams:This course has three 90-minute midterm tests and a 3-hour final exam.

Proctorship Information: 

This course has online exams. For exam dates, formats, and other information please visit our Summer Exams page.

Course resources

A course Instructor will be available to assist with this course.

Watch the Course Orientation Video for a Moodle course.

Course Options

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Course Timeline: This is an 8-week Summer Semester II course with fixed dates for submitting homework assignments and taking exams. Course Start Date is 6-13-22 and End Date is 8-5-22. No extensions are allowed in this course.