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Hello! NetMath offers online mathematics courses for University of Illinois transcript credit to qualified students. In NetMath courses, students are in control of their own learning. Our courses are somewhat different from traditional face-to-face classes in terms of presentation, interaction, and overall educational experience. In each self-paced course students work with a NetMath mentor who guides the student through the material by answering questions, grading homework assignments, and helping the student stay on track with their timeline for completion. Our courses are presented in multiple formats: The calculus sequence uses a Mathematica-based interactive system called CAS-ILE; our upper-level courses use videos of live lectures that were delivered on campus by Math Department faculty; our pre-calculus courses use the ALEKS system. Many NetMath students report that they actually learn more about Mathematics with our courses and find the experience more rewarding than traditional courses. ~ Instructor Alfredo

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