“I would just like to say that I think that the program is great. The classes offer a very flexible and user-friendly learning environment which allows students to learn when they want to and how they want to.” — Rob G.

“NetMath was the most fun and interesting mathematics course I have ever experienced in my life. If people were to ask me if they should take a course like this, I would tell them to jump at the opportunity, because it will probably turn a negative attitude about math into a good one, and a positive attitude about math into an even better one. Just think: I even got a head start on my college education and it was fun!!!” — Mindy G.

“My attitude about math has turned around in a way I could never have imagined. I always felt a sense of deep dread even hearing the word mathematics. I now actively pursue it.”— Ryan B.

“The course is great. I'm really happy that circumstances forced me to take an Internet-based math class because it gave me a chance to see what's possible. I thought the materials were ingeniously designed. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to write materials that anticipate the way students think and lead them in the correct direction.”— James C.

“I have to say that I have really enjoyed this course so far. I like the self-paced aspects, and I think someone did a great job writing these lessons. I was pretty amazed by how well you learn the material in this method.”—Barry P.

“I loved the course. I've worked in e-learning systems for seven years so it was great to see a format so well adapted to the online medium. The materials and Mathematica really let you explore so you can get an intuitive feel for the concepts. Having a mentor beside you and being able to schedule tests to advance at your own rate made it an ideal choice for refreshing my math.”— Daniel P.

“I am definitely the kind of student who did not thrive in the typical lecture environment. This class was administered well, and the course material is fun and engaging. I would recommend it to anyone!”— Trafton E.

“After returning back to school 20 years later, this is the third math course I've taken and by far the best.”— Ron H.

“Thank you for offering this program. For me, having to work full time, it is the only way I can learn math from a high-quality University.”— Edwin F.

“I'd especially like to acknowledge the great support I got from my mentor. He was always responsive to my questions and helped me stay on track. His encouragement was very much appreciated. It kept me motivated to do my best. He was a key element in making the course effective and enjoyable.”— Tom M.

“I feel they provided exceptional help and support in the course, and I am very pleased to have worked with them. They gave immediate responses to questions and issues and were very understanding when my work commitments conflicted with the class schedule.”— Tim W

“I have used many things that I learned in your class. I am helping a student in Calculus right now and was just telling her how beneficial your class was. Thank you for everything!”— M.S.