Math 115: Preparation for Calculus Summer


This course reviews trigonometric, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions, and introduces finding the area under a curve. Intended for students who need preparation for MATH 220, either because they lack the content background or because they are not prepared for the rigor of a university calculus course. Credit is not given for both MATH 115 and MATH 114. Students may not receive credit for MATH 115 if MATH 115 is taken after receiving credit for MATH 220 or MATH 221.


Math 115 Syllabus


Math 112 or its equivalent. Matriculating students at Illinois require a minimum ALEKS PPL score of 65% to register in this class. For more information visit the ALEKS page.

Credit Hours



Summer Semester courses have fixed tuition rates based on your College, year in school and other factors. Summer tuition rate information


Exams: This course has a 3-hour final exam on August 7th, the final exam will run at 10am and 9pm CST, students will only be able to pick one time.

This course uses the ALEKS assessment and learning system. Students are required to purchase an ALEKS code to access the course online. The code is non-refundable and costs $60.00. Please see our ALEKS page for more information.


Proctorship Information:

This course has online exams. ALEKS students will be using Respondus online proctoring for their final exams. There will be a $15 fee for Respondus beginning June 10. Please see our Exam Proctoring page <> for further instructions.

Course Resources

A course TA will be available to assist with this course.

Watch the Course Orientation Video for a ALEKS course.

Course Options

Please refer to the table for different course options to take this NetMath course.

Course Timeline: This is an 8-week Summer Semester II course with fixed dates for submitting homework assignments and taking exams. Course Start Date is 6-15-20 and End Date is 8-7-20. No extensions are allowed in this course.