Bruce Carpenter Associate Director of Instruction

The 2022 NetMath Award for Outstanding Service goes to Bruce Carpenter.

In his role as associate director of instruction, Bruce is in charge of pedagogical operations in NetMath. His responsibilities include providing day to day guidance to instructional staff, incorporating successful practices in online pedagogy into NetMath, and being the instructor of over 30 NetMath courses. Over the years, Bruce has established high standards of excellence in the program. The nature of our open enrollment terms makes it challenging to consistently monitor progress and student satisfaction beyond a student’s routine interaction with their assigned NetMath mentor. Bruce has made every effort to mitigate this by instituting spot checks, staying vigilant on student communications, and by offering a personal response to every student complaint or concern.

One colleague writing in support of this nomination said, “I consider Bruce to be one of the pioneers in online education, having been involved in the Calculus & Mathematica program since 1989. He has helped NetMath evolve and grow as an organization and has formed long-lasting relationships with students, teaching assistants, and colleagues due to his leadership and commitment. Bruce has a natural love of learning, is an excellent communicator with people in both formal and informal situations, and displays unwavering commitment to the NetMath program, its students and its ideals.”

Another colleague wrote, "Throughout his tenure at NetMath, Bruce has exemplified the best that NetMath has to offer. His dedication to the program, his commitment to students, his continuing efforts to innovate and improve our technological and instructional infrastructure in order to best serve all stakeholders are a daily inspiration to everyone in NetMath."

We congratulate Bruce on receiving this recognition of his efforts through the years.