The 2020 NetMath Award for Outstanding Service goes to Roger Burt.

Roger joined NetMath in 2015 and currently serves as our Instructional Specialist. He helps to coordinate the NetMath Partner High School program, takes the lead on recruiting, training, and administering the Teaching Assistants working for NetMath, and takes an active role in producing materials in support of instruction, including investigating and implementing the use of new technologies in NetMath courses.

One colleague writing in support of this nomination said, “Roger is willing to help everybody in the NetMath House as well as those working remotely. He is really dedicated, passionate and hardworking in fulfilling his NetMath responsibilities.” Another colleague indicated, "Roger is well-liked by everyone in NetMath. He maintains a consistently positive and enthusiastic attitude even in frequently stressful situations. He is viewed as a reliable and helpful resource by staff, TAs, mentors, and students. He is constantly seeking ways to improve NetMath, and his efforts have resulted in innumerable improvements to the program."