Many of our courses require an account in the Mathable system. The cost is $99 to purchase an individual account and there is no separate textbook required.

High School: High schools participating in the Netmath Partner High School Program should contact Mathable ( directly for pricing.

The Mathable system fully integrates three things:

  1. Courseware designed to help students learn by dynamic exploration and visualization,
  2. A web-based interface to the computer algebra system Mathematica for students to perform calculations and write full explanations of their solution process,
  3. A Learning Management System to streamline administration of the course and promote communication between students, instructors, and mentors.

Note: You will receive information about how to sign up for a Mathable account in after you enroll in the course. We recommend not creating a Mathable account until you receive this information.

Because Mathable is a web based service, students will need to be able to work with a consistent internet connection. In addition, Mathable is currently supported only on Firefox web browsers, so students must download and install the latest version of Firefox.

For more information, and to see an overview of the Mathable system, please visit and preview the "How it Works" tab.

Mathable student view.

Mathable student view

Mathable solution.

Mathable student solution