Testing Procedures for Off-Campus Students

  • Before scheduling your exam, please check with your approved proctor to ensure your exam(s) were received. They will arrive via UPS and will be addressed to your proctor with a return address to the University of Illinois. It may take up to two weeks after the proctorship form has been approved for your proctor to receive exams.
  • Please bring an envelope and appropriate postage to your exam.
  • Students are responsible for covering the costs of mailing the exams back for grading.
  • Included in your exam packet are instructions for your proctor on testing guidelines as well as address labels to return your exam(s) for grading.

The Proctor Guidelines are included with the exam packet. This details the procedures a proctor must follow when administering tests and/or quizzes.

For proctor related inquires, please send an email to proctor@netmath.illinois.edu

Last updated: Fri, 05/13/2016 - 12:06