Stat 200: Statistical Analysis


Statistics provides the tools to sort through data to make objective decisions. Stat 200 provides an accelerated introduction to the basic tools for quantitively oriented students, with particular emphasis on understanding which tools are appropriate for which problems. We cover experimental design (including basics of causal inference from observations), basic probability (both frequentist and Bayes), descriptive statistics, inference from samples (including null hypothesis significance tests), analysis of variance, multiple regression, logistic regression, and non-parametric methods. We include both an easy-to-use data analysis program and exercises in the R programming language.

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Stat 200 Syllabus


Completion of or simultaneous registration in Calculus I is recommended. High school students interested in taking this course have to submit proof of satisfying this prerequisite at the time of registration.

Course Timeline

Stat 200 is 15 weeks long with no extensions. This is not a self-paced course, and there are fixed due dates for homework submissions and taking exams. Depending on the course registration date, each student is assigned to a cohort that starts on the third Sunday of every other month. Your time in the course begins on the date indicated in your registration receipt. Upcoming cohort start dates are October 17, 2021, December 19, 2021, February 20, 2022 & April 17, 2022. Note: Each cohort will run provided a minimum enrollment number is met. If a cohort is canceled for any reason, we will work with each registered student to provide appropriate options for future registration. 

Credit Hours



Illinois High School Students $828
Out of State High School Students $1248
Undergraduate Students $1248
Graduate Students $1470
This course uses the Lon-Capa learning management system. Required Textbook: Stat 200 Incomplete Lecture Notes Workbook Fall 2020 Edition by Ellen Fireman, Karle Flanagan, and John Marden. This workbook may be purchased from the Illini Union Bookstore here. International students and those located outside the contiguous US may contact the publisher to purchase a digital copy or email the instructor, Ellen Fireman .


Exams: This course has two 2-hour midterms and a 3-hour final exam. Exams are administered online in an open book format.

Course Options

Please Note: Students currently registered in a University of Illinois Graduate Degree program will be restricted from registering in Academic Year-term NetMath courses. Matriculating UIUC Grad students will be allowed to register in Spring, Fall & Summer semester sections of this course via LAS Online.


Individual students enrolled in this course have the opportunity to meet with the Instructor during Zoom office hours and are assigned to a Statistics course tutor.