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I took Calculus some 15 years ago (or maybe more) and at that time didn't understand much of it and I didn't enjoy it at all. Recently, I decided to give Calculus a second chance and so far I am loving it. I finished Math 220 few days ago and now I have enrolled to Math 231. I wish I would have taken NetMath™ 15 years ago...

I thoroughly enjoyed the course - I was happily surprised how easy the software was to use and how well the coursework was organized. There were lots of opportunities and forms to request help - the mentor, the Piazza, etc. All good!

I have yet to meet a course outside of those in NetMath™ that brings together so many elements of thinking, mathematics, and real-world skills. It's been an absolute delight to take these courses as a student.

I enjoyed the class and was doing well in it, however my responsibilities at work took priority. It would be better if NetMath™ had more flexible options for working professionals other than a two month extension.

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