More Information About NetMath™

NetMath™ offers University Mathematics courses for credit to all students. Our open enrollment allows students to take courses on their own schedule. Many students prefer online learning because it gives them greater control over their learning pace, and they only have to meet long-term course deadlines. Students also have responded that online course discussions are more interesting than traditional classes because students take time to reflect carefully on what they write.

Despite the numerous benefits, online learning is not for everyone. We highly recommend asking yourself the questions on the Is NetMath™ For You? page before enrolling in a course.

For additional information about NetMath™ courses, we offer the following resources:

→  Course syllabi

→  Sample Student Guide for Mathable courses

→  Mathable screen shots

→  NetMath course sequence

NetMath™ Webinar

For anyone interested in learning more about NetMath™, we offer a live webinar on Tuesdays at 1:00pm CST. To sign up for a webinar, click on the link below. We have also included links to view or edit the webinar slides:

NetMath™ Webinar(pdf)
NetMath™ Webinar(editable pptx)

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