MATH 220: Calculus I

This information applies to high school level students only


A first course in Calculus and Analytic Geometry; basic techniques of differentiation and integration with applications including curve sketching; antidifferentation, the Riemann integral, fundamental theorem, exponential and circular functions.


Prerequisite (HS Student): B+ or better average in courses prerequisite to Calculus, including one or more of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, PreCalculus.

Courseware: This course uses the CAS-ILE™ online system, which costs $99. Please see our CAS-ILE Overviewpage for more information.


Math 220 syllabus.pdf

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Illinois High School Students  
Non-Illinois High School Students  
Courseware Cost $99

This course uses the CAS-ILE online system, which costs $99. Please see CAS-ILE Overview Page for more information.


Individual students enrolled in this course are assigned to a course mentor.


Exams: This course has two 90-minute mid term tests, a 60-minute Mastery test and a 3-hour final exam.

Proctorship Information: This course requires that you obtain a proctor. Please see our Proctor Information page for further instructions.

Course Timeline:

Course Timeline (high school students): This course is 9 months long.