Certificate Program


The NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics is suitable for students interested in pursuing further study in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, business, finance, or any other area where mathematics is required. The certificate may also be useful for teachers who are trying to increase their proficiency in mathematics. In addition, students who are seeking proficiency in calculus and want to apply these concepts to their academic area or professional field will benefit from the certificate.


In order to earn the NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics, a student must successfully complete Math 220, Math 231, Math 241 (our calculus sequence), Math 285 (a differential equations course), and an additional higher level NetMath course such as Math 415 or 461. For their final course, students must enroll in Math 299 and complete a capstone paper that demonstrates mastery of course concepts and the ability to apply them to real world settings. We may waive the Math 220 (Calculus I) requirement, depending on a student's prerequisites. All remaining courses must be taken online through NetMath. You must maintain a GPA of 3.0 (B) in order to be awarded the certificate.

Applying for Capstone Course

Upon completion of the requisite coursework you will need to fill out a request for review of transcript form, which serves as your application for the certificate. Once the application is processed you will be eligible to enroll in Math 299, the Capstone Course. Upon successful completion of Math 299 you will receive a certificate from the University of Illinois Department of Mathematics stating that you have successfully completed the NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics. Please note that while each course will be listed on your University of Illinois transcript, this certificate will not be listed on the transcript.