People in NetMath™

The following are the NetMath™ Staff at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
For all general inquires, please contact (217) 265-0439 or email us at

  • Randy McCarthy
    Director of NetMath™

  • Anuradha Murphy
    Associate Director of NetMath™

  • Bruce Carpenter
    Associate Director of Instruction at NetMath™

  • Amber Holmes
    Visiting Student Services Coordinator

  • Zac Schoenrock
    Instructional & Advising Specialist

  • Jin Hyung To
    Instructional Specialist

  • Faisal Whelpley
    Associate Director of Instructional Technology

  • Dave Watson
    eLearning Information Technology Specialist

  • Kerry Lee Butson
    Assistant eLearning Specialist

  • Andrew Nygard
    Visiting Academic Media Specialist

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