Information for current UIUC Students

This page pertains to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students who wish to take a NetMath™ self-paced course.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students register for NetMath™ in the same way as other students. When you submit your registration application, CITL will contact your College for approval to register you in the NetMath™ course.

You must meet the specified prerequisites for a course to enroll.

NetMath™ self-paced courses are Academic Year courses and do not count towards your semester credit hours.


You may be able to take exams at the NetMath™ office or elsewhere on campus. Visit On Campus Proctoring for more information.

GPA and Transcript

NetMath™ courses are for credit and count towards your GPA. The course will appear on your transcript with the same name as a mathematics course you would take on campus. It will be listed under Academic Year courses.

Summer Session II

In addition to self-paced courses, NetMath™ also offers 8-week courses during Summer Session II. Click here for more information about NetMath™ summer courses.

Grade Replacement

A NetMath™ course can be used for grade replacement. However, it's your responsibility to sign up for grade replacement soon after registering for the NetMath™ course. Please consult the undergraduate office of your home department for more information. Note that a grade replacement request can be rejected, and your college office will have information about such exceptions.

Placement Scores: Math 115, 220, and 234

All degree-seeking University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students enrolling in Math 115, 220, or 234 are required to obtain a minimum ALEKS PPL placement score of 65% (Math 115 and Math 234) or 80% (Math 220). AP credit and previous coursework do not satisfy nor exempt you from this requirement. For more information, please visit the ALEKS page.

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